What People Say About Eden Dayrit

Larry Gamboa Founder, Think Rich Pinoy

"There's hardly anyone else like Eden."

"She's at the intersection of a Venn diagram of real estate attributes namely:

Circle 1: Broker, Appraiser, Lecturer - All licenses and accreditations she has taken on top of her original professional career show that she's a lifetime learner.

Circle 2: Investor, Brokerage owner - She applies what she learned and earns from it.

Circle 3: Public Speaker - Crazy at it may sound, this formerly shy girl now effortlessly shines on stage.and recently, Circle

4: University Professor - You know her heart is in the right place when she decided to teach and give back to the youth.

I am excited to see what's next."

"Eden is a trustworthy, ethical, academically excellent, and technically competent real estate broker and appraiser who would be an asset to any investor's real estate team.

Having her on your side as your advocate and adviser will give you the assurance that you will be getting the best service and best deal possible."

Cherry Vi and Jay Castillo CPA, REB, REA; Founders, ForeclosurePhilippines.com
Ronald Cagape RE/MAX Broker, Author, "No Money Down Deals"

"I've known Eden since she first attended the Think Rich Pinoy seminar in 2008. From the very beginning until now, Eden has shown fearlessness in taking calculated risks. And it's not recklessness. Eden is just someone who is a proven achiever when she sets her mind to something. She has proven herself as an investor, broker/owner and speaker. She shares generously from her wealth of real estate experience and there's never a dull moment in her talks. She is a mentor who walks her talk."

"We met 9 years ago through our mentor Larry Gamboa.  She is my real estate mentor, my first investor and real estate investing partner. I won't forget the time we bought and sold a property in less than 30 days, cash!"

"She is very passionate in her craft and you can count on her to make things happen. As a speaker, she is very generous sharing her experiences. Eden is kind, approachable, trustworthy, a good writer and a perennial learner."

Maves Salva-Angeles Real Estate Entrepreneur; MavesAngeles.com