New Condo Turnover

By Eden Dayrit | Real Estate 101

May 24

Today, we accepted our new condominium unit here in Taguig from the developer. Yey!

Here are a few tips for a fuss-free turnover.



  1. Schedule unit inspection and acceptance keeping the following criteria in mind:
    • If you’re renting previously, when is your lease ending? If you’re occupying the unit, schedule unit acceptance right before lease ends.
    • Are you hiring an interior designer? When is he available to check the unit? His work is crucial before you can move in so it is best for him to see the unit as soon as possible.
    • When is the last date of unit acceptance? Typically, payment of association dues begin immediately so if you’re not in a hurry, you can schedule unit acceptance near the last day.
    • If you’re planning on renting out the unit and have a ready tenant, it is best to accept the unit as soon as possible.
  2. Bring the following:
    • Pen
    • Paper
    • Checks
    • Measuring device
    • Marketing collaterals
    • All documents pertaining to the sale of the property
  3. Prior the scheduled acceptance date, take note of the following:
    • Do you need an authorization to enter the premises?
    • Is there parking in the area?
    • Who are you meeting, and where exactly?



  1. Wear comfortable clothing. Typical turnover units doesn’t include appliances so expect to spend time in a bare unit (it can get hot!)
  2. Visit the property management office. Be friendly with the security team. Get acquainted with the turnover staff. Get their contact info for future reference. Let them guide you through the turnover process.
  3. Take note of access to facilities, parking, buildings etc.
  4. Take note of the orientation of the windows and doors, if you still haven’t when you picked the unit from the inventory. Take note where the sun is at different times of the day. You will use this information in doing your furniture layout.
  5. On a piece of paper, draw the floor layout as you see it. This may differ slightly from the projected layout in the marketing materials. Take note of all posts, beams and divisions.
  6. Measure, measure, measure! Plot measurements against the floor layout you’ve drawn.
  7. Take a lot of photos! This will aid you in designing the space.
  8. Ask for the as-built plans, electrical and water pipe layouts.
  9. This is the best time to nitpick ALL things found in the unit. It is ok to take your time doing this.
    • Wall and ceiling paint jobs should be flawless.
    • Windows and doors should be installed correctly and operating smoothly. Open and close them again and again.
    • Make sure the window seals are intact. Check youtube videos on how to check this.
    • Take note of A/C vents (if any) location.
    • Take note of control panel location and electrical outlets. This can also be found in the as-built plan. Make sure all are operating correctly.
    • Floor tiles should be installed evenly. Specifically take note that the bathroom tiles are installed slightly towards the direction of the drain to ensure proper drainage of water.
  10. Politely point out all findings. Ask for procedures on repairs.
  11. Listen intently as the turnover personnel go through the rules and regulations. Do not be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS.
  12. Ask about unit restrictions.
    • Are pets allowed?
    • Are there restrictions on curtain colors?
    • What can you put in the balcony?
    • What can you put in the drying cage?
    • Can you install screen doors, window grills for added security?
  13. Ask for copies of forms you need to fill up.
    • Move-in forms
    • Renovation forms,
    • Parking pass
    • Utilities application forms: Water, Electricity, Cable, Internet etc
  14. Ask about payment procedures:
    • Where do you pay for association dues? When are they due? What are the penalties for late payment?
    • Can pay for the association dues a year in advance. Ask if there are discounts (typically one month in a year).
    • Where do you pay for utilities?
  15. Ask about facility use.
    • Can you swim at the pool any time of the day? Can your guests do the same?
    • Is the gym free of use for everyone?
    • Can you reserve function halls for private use?
    • Where can your guests park?
    • What other amenities can you enjoy?
  16. Ask for referrals for the following:
    • Handyman
    • Plumber
    • Locksmith
  17. Ask for specific referrals to install the following:
    • A/C
    • Water heater
    • Bathroom enclosure
    • Screen door
  18. Be ready to NOT accept the unit at first inspection. Ask if it is possible to reschedule until all (reasonable) expectations are met. Some repairs may take more than a few hours to do. It is best to hold off acceptance until everything is done.
  19. Lastly, ask: Is there anything else I need to know?
  20. If the unit is deemed ok upon inspection, read and sign the acceptance papers. CONGRATULATIONS on your new unit!


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