How a simple employee thrived in the

real estate industry, and how you can too!


We’ve heard your stories before:

  • “I want to resign from my 9-5 job, but I have no idea what to pursue.”
  • “I’ve read that real estate is the way to go, but I don’t know how to begin.”
  • “I am a housewife who has a lot of free time in my hands; can I do real estate part time?”
  • “I’ve been in sales my entire life. I know I am good, but why am I not progressing?”

Hi, I am Eden Dayrit!

Broker - owner of RE/MAX  TRP REALTY .

I am writing you today because I’ve asked myself those exact same questions a lot more times than I can even remember. I felt the longing you felt to have more in life. Your story is my story.

Employment to Entrepreneurship

I began my career as a chemical engineer – a promising profession with good pay. However, the long work hours and high-pressure environment took a toll on my overall well-being. I had a non-existent social life outside of work. Handling a 24-hour manufacturing line meant I’d sometimes get emergency calls in the middle of the night. It took a toll on my health and sanity. I knew I had to get out so I quit my job the moment I met Dr. Larry Gamboa. (That’s a crazy story he loves sharing, ask him about it!)

I chanced upon Forbes’ Filipino billionaires list that year. One striking commonality is their real estate portfolio that catapulted them to the list. It was a light bulb moment!

I knew then real estate was my way out! Being the bookworm that I am, I devoured real estate books and attended seminars. 

If you’re reading this, I am sure you’ve read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. It opened my eyes to the possibility of real estate investing on a manageable scale. But is this possible in the Philippine setting? The book Think Rich Pinoy is heaven sent! I dabbled into real estate investing, tasted a little success and took a “mini-retirement” to enjoy life.

Full-time homemaker to Business-owner

As a wife to an OFW husband, I decided to come with him in his deployment to the Middle East. I spent an entire winter season in a foreign land with a lot of spare time in my hands. I couldn’t keep still so I tried working on real estate deals remotely. My stint in sales was limited to the properties I acquired and sold. I had an impressive portfolio but I knew I could do better.

“Eden, would you like to partner with me in this new business venture?” inquired Dr. Gamboa. He then pitched RE/MAX TRP REALTY. It was a no-brainer.

I’ve been asked before “How do you spot a good business?” I’d always say, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Follow those who have come before you. I also value relationships highly. So if a good friend (more so a mentor who taught me everything I know now) whom I trust judgment comes to me with a business proposal, you can count on my participation.

And as they say, the rest is history.

It’s the people, not the sales

Over the past 3 years, the RE/MAX TRP REALTY office at Molito Complex, Ayala Alabang became a hub for buyers, sellers, landlords and prospective tenants alike. An office on the ground floor with a wide frontage in a heavy foot traffic area is hard to come by. The iconic red, white and blue logo can be seen even from Madrigal Avenue. Add to that the ample parking space that is essential for the convenience of your clientele. We bit the bullet on the rent. It was a calculated risk that paid off radically not only for us but most specially for our main clients – our brokers and salespersons, or simply our “associates.”

RE/MAX TRP REALTY associates come from different walks of life and different generations. From 25 to 75 years of age. Being a licensed broker or an accredited salesperson isn’t a requirement to join. We can work on your accreditations in the future. We have single people, newly weds, breadwinners, government employees, a mom with 4 kids, former executives and full time dads. It’s a weird mix, but it works! Our passion and singular vision about our individual real estate brokerage businesses gel us together.

There are no bosses and subordinates in our office. Everyone is running their own real estate business. And everyone knows that the success of their brokerage lies on their own hard work.

We are NOT your ordinary real estate brokerage.

We are NOT primarily in the real estate business.

We are in the real estate agent business.

Our primary business is honing real estate entrepreneurs. Unlike your typical brokerage that pushes their agents to reach their monthly sales requirements, our success is measured when we see our associates learn skills that will inevitably help them in their business. It is frustrating when months turn to quarters and then years for a new associate without a sale. Believe me, everyone feels it!

We understand the learning curve one has to go through to make that one sale. We make sure that they make progress no matter how slow because we all know from experience that a breakthrough is just around the corner as long as we don’t give up on our teammate. Everyone undergoes this rite of passage – a hard but essential journey that we have tried, tested and perfected over the years. And like clockwork, sales come easier by the day. This makes all the effort worthwhile.

Everyone loves the Mastermind

Tuesdays are sacred sales meeting days we call aptly “Mastermind Sessions.”Napoleon Hill defines these group meetings “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Imagine meeting with your colleagues weekly and getting updated on their current deals. Wouldn’t you feel motivated to stay on top of your game? We recently grouped the associates into teams and it naturally progressed to a friendly competition.

Imagine an associate facing challenges and the entire team brainstorms for the best solution. We freely share our failures and how we turned it around. Everyone benefits from the free flowing discussion.

Special seminars are conducted on specific topics related to the field – a Cashflow game session is always a hit! We also had meetings where we have invited top brokers (of the world!) from different offices.

Towards the end of the session, the aroma of fresh pizza (our favorite) fills the room. We celebrate successes with treats through the generosity of the associate who closed deals for the week.

It feels like attending a 2-3 hour seminar on personal and professional improvement every single week with your peers who share the same goals. We are like family.


  • Because you’ll get a complete roadmap to dominating your market… specifically:
  • Receive FREE client leads and be part of a referral program
  • Benefit from an entrepreneurial environment
  • Increase market share and dominate your territory
  • Attract top performers and quality clients
  • Gain from exceptional training and education
  • Have instant recognition, brand awareness, and global presence
  • Have best marketing tools and technology platforms
  • Access to our network agents worldwide for cross buying and cross selling
  • How to capture exclusive listings!
  • A step by step blueprint for mastering seller’s and buyer’s objections
  • Separate yourself from your competition
  • Manage your time better than ever before
  • How to increase your income every year
  • Convert your real estate business into world class brokerage firm


  • A global and local brand name
  • A global and local training and education
  • A global and local MLS
  • Tools and resources – Mainstreet, iconnect, etc
  • Network – strong office owners, brokers, agents
  • Local and international referrals
  • Conventions and seminars
  • Regional and international advertising
  • Full access to accredited suppliers
  • Office – great location, admin and support

All it takes is a low monthly desk fee for our associates to get all these benefits.A typical co-working space provides you a desk, internet access and an address for your small business. For a comparable fee, imagine a co-working space that gives you an office and everything listed above. It is a no-brainer.

How much does it take to set up an office? You have to think of the rent, deposit and advances. You have to allot a budget to furnish the office. How about staff salary? It is much harder for a newbie broker to set up his own office, hire staff and establish his own network and brand. It is a long and hard route to take. It is doable, but wouldn’t it make more sense to work smart than work hard?

Now let’s talk about the already successful ones. One common challenge encountered by an expert broker is how to level up his business. He has been doing the same things he does for years (Remember that Einstein quote?) It may be comfortable and still rewarding to not change a proven formula. Man’s greatest regret on his deathbed are the things he didn’t try and the “What ifs” that keep you up at night. Growth won’t happen on complacent grounds.

How do I start?

All good things take time and effort to see it through.

Being a RE/MAX TRP REALTY Associate is no exception.

Let me shock you.

Can you guess the percentage of people who actually qualify and sign up our program?

50% is very generous.

25% is a good figure but we are still far away.

Only 10% of properties out of all properties evaluated fit a typical real estate investor’s requirement. This figure first came from RDPD and confirmed with our own investments. But we are not talking about properties.


Only 5% of all inquiries qualify and sign up.

We don’t expect that figure to change so how do we make our screening process better to save all of us time?

One-time offer

I am an introvert.

But when you’re in sales, you need to learn how to sell – a true trait of extroverts.

I honed this skill through time and constant practice via Toastmasters, live interviews, seminars and teaching.

I may have improved significantly but one thing never changed, I get drained every single time – a true introvert trait. I am known to hibernate after public speaking gigs.

My colleagues know very well that I shy away from small group meetings for the same reason, among a lot of reasons. I’ve turned down training programs that will require me to do individual consultations.

I don’t have any issue giving lectures to huge crowds because I know that once I get off the stage, I can control the contact with my audience on avenues that I prefer at times I can manage it.

But small group coaching requires true commitment and a huge part of my physical energy.

I think you know where I am going.

For a limited time (in other words, before I change my mind) and for a limited number of slots, I commit to do a 3-hour small group consultation for those who want to be a RE/MAX TRP REALTY Associate.

Think of me as your shrink in the real estate world.

  • We will assess your current situation vs the ideal starting point for you to thrive in this business.
  • I will dig deep to find why you like/want/need this business. (No, wanting financial freedom isn’t an acceptable answer)
  • Expect no holds barred questions on finances and how it greatly affects your current financial situation. I can do a better credit investigation than your banker.
  • We will determine which skills you need to hone to have a good head start.
  • I promise to make you uncomfortable, because no growth happens in the comfort zone.
  • I promise to make you question why you agreed (and paid) for this session.
  • And I will give you an honest to goodness assessment if you can make it in this industry.

If there’s one thing I want you to remember in reading this entire narrative, it is this:

You always ask the hardest questions FIRST.

Believe me, it will make your life a lot easier.

Hey! We go big or go home right?

Before writing this offer, I had a long talk with a friend/colleague. He made a good point. “I respect your private time. I know you need that. But keep in mind that coaching isn’t a one-way street. You don’t only give and give. Learn to take when you open yourself up to people.”

So here I am at your disposal.

“I will make you an irresistible offer you can’t refuse”

The Godfather may have said it better. But I am on a roll so bear with my movie references.

Let me take all the risk.

If you honestly feel that our session didn’t help you at all, I will give you back your cash in full. No hard feelings. No questions asked.

A real estate entrepreneur never takes rejections personally. Every rejection is one client closer to an actual sale. The best ones are those who can comically spring right back without any lag.

I am willing to do that for you.


Don’t take my word for it, here’s what our associates say about RE/MAX TRP REALTY:

“Joining RE/MAX TRP has opened opportunities for me, a support system like no other because everyone is treated like family. Learning is an everyday experience which helps boost morale and self-confidence. Great mentors too!”

Louvel DauloRE/MAX TRP Associate
Raphael SantosRE/MAX TRP Associate

“One thing I like about being a RE/MAX TRP associate is the brand name. It makes me more credible and it sets me apart from other brokers”

“As a mom of 4 kids below 10, being part of the RE/MAX TRP Team has allowed me to fast track a career in real estate – I can work flexibly for myself and my family while relying on the support they provide. I also love the high standard it brings to the real estate industry, and the professional cooperation it fosters.”

Marie GutierrezRE/MAX TRP Associate
Enrique ManzanoRE/MAX TRP Associate,

“I love the culture here in RE/MAX TRP – that it’s not about the money, but about giving value to your clients.”

“One of the challenges of being a broker, specially a new one, is to find direction and support to learn the ropes of the business. RE/MAX TRP provided me with all the answers, technical support and much needed guidance.”

Anthony TorresRE/MAX TRP Associate
Daniel GuiamRE/MAX TRP Associate

“The best thing that I like about being a RE/MAX TRP broker is the real estate support that I am receiving and also the exceptional learning experience.”

“What I like about being a RE/MAX TRP associate is the support and guidance given to me by the team to make a sale. The constant positive reinforcement by the team helps me push forward no matter how challenging it may be from getting a client to closing a deal. 🙂

Oliver LiwanagRE/MAX TRP Associate
Ian LagutanRE/MAX TRP Associate

“Camaraderie, unity and family. Those are the things you will experience, once you join the RE/MAX TRP family. It becomes easier to tackle a problem because you are not working alone. You’re working with a team.”

“With RE/MAX TRP, we are here to guide you in your real estate business.”

Clement DizonRE/MAX TRP Associate