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By Eden Dayrit | Ask Eden

Jul 07

Q: Do you have any tip for us real estate practitioners who tend to be complacent after closing a deal?

Prof. Eden Dayrit, REC REA REB: My answer here is two-fold, the practical and the emotional.

Practically, one way to make sure your business is running “all the time”, even when you’re busy serving another client, or doing other things for your sanity, most specially after just closing a deal when you feel complacent the most and feel like resting on your laurels a bit (caveat in PS below) is by AUTOMATING your business.Believe it or not, more than half of your real estate practice can be automated. Put systems in place for activities like lead generation, some aspects of client relations, and branding campaigns to name a few.

The other half? Delegate. I personally delegate tasks that are repetitive in nature, such as marketing listings and any documentation process – specially those dealing with government agencies (the reason for this is self-explanatory). I know of colleagues who even delegate property showing and closing the sale! Talk about a fully streamlined process! Automating and delegating processes will ensure that you always have a deal in the pipeline and “force” your complacency out of your system and finally treat this profession more like an actual business than a job you do part time.

And besides, the amount you pay for automation and delegation is worth much less than the value of time you save for yourself to do activities in this business that you actually enjoy the most. Another way to look at this (for workaholics, you know who you are!) is that you can spend more time doing activities that are income-generating.

Emotionally, and as cliche as it may sound, find the answer to the BIGGEST WHY you are in this profession. Right now, I am highly motivated to close transactions because I am dedicating all my income for this month for my lola Angelita’s well being. (Please pray for her quick and full recovery) It doesn’t get any personal and motivational than that. What is your biggest why?

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P.S. I am a big advocate for a work-life balance. I am also your loudest cheerleader pushing you to celebrate wins big time, because you deserve it! Strike a balance!