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By Eden Dayrit | Ask Eden

Jul 30

Q1. What is the secret in closing deals?
Q2. Can you share with us a quote to inspire those interested to get into real estate?
Qs from our hardworking office staff for their agent spotlight marketing collaterals.

Prof. Eden Dayrit, REC REA REB :
1. Master the listing side of the deal. Your listings should have complete and correct documents, are priced properly based on fair market values, and owned by reasonable sellers who plays on your team. List well first; closed deals will inevitably follow.

2. Why do I love real estate? I strongly believe that the most effective real estate professionals are those who can take emotions out of the deal, take the analytical approach to make objective decisions to close the transaction.

I also firmly believe that the creatives – those attuned to their vulnerabilities, mostly non-conventional in their ways and are driven by passion; will thrive well in this profession.

No two personalities are alike, which keeps working in this field very interesting. No two real estate deals are exactly alike, you can go by the book procedurally and inject your creative flair along the way. And I like that a lot.

It was hard to select just a single “secret” (There are no secrets!) This loaded question is an entire module on its own.
But my answer in Q2 flowed effortlessly, almost lyrical. I do enjoy these Q&As.

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