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Real Estate Success Stories

9 Deals: 1 Village

My Favorite Little Village

It may be the very first deal, the deal where most profit was made, the deal that wasn’t attractive at first but turned out to be a gem or the deal that brought the most heartaches in all aspects but still made it through to the end.

The first BIG DEAL

10-Door Townhouse in Las Piñas

“I saw a 10-door townhouse complex bank foreclosed listing near the mall, I cannot do this alone,” he said. It was an invitation to partner on this deal – a big one (then). It was a no-brainer. - Eden Dayrit

The Power Couple

One Townhouse: Broker Husband, Broker Wife

Bryan and Eden learned that their original setup of working individually helped achieve their goals. It is good to do all necessary activities at least once, akin to laying the groundwork for being a good broker. 

What People Say About Eden Dayrit

Larry Gamboa Founder, Think Rich Pinoy

"There's hardly anyone else like Eden."

"She's at the intersection of a Venn diagram of real estate attributes namely:

Circle 1: Broker, Appraiser, Lecturer - All licenses and accreditations she has taken on top of her original professional career show that she's a lifetime learner.

Circle 2: Investor, Brokerage owner - She applies what she learned and earns from it.

Circle 3: Public Speaker - Crazy as it may sound, this formerly shy girl now effortlessly shines on stage. And recently..

Circle 4: University Professor - You know her heart is in the right place when she decided to teach and give back to the youth.

I am excited to see what's next."

"Eden is a trustworthy, ethical, academically excellent, and technically competent real estate broker and appraiser who would be an asset to any investor's real estate team.

Having her on your side as your advocate and adviser will give you the assurance that you will be getting the best service and best deal possible."

Cherry Vi and Jay Castillo CPA, REB, REA; Founders,

About Eden

Eden Dayrit is a licensed real estate broker, appraiser and an accredited lecturer based in the Philippines. She specializes in the sale and lease of residential homes, condominium units and commercial lots in Taguig, Paranaque, Las Pinas and Muntinlupa. She is also an experienced real estate investor, offering consulting services for first time buyers and seasoned investors.

Connect with Eden

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